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25/06/2014 8:43 am

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There will be a debate, and perhaps a vote, on Lord Falconer's 'Assisted Dying Bill' on Friday 18 July. At this stage only Members of the House of Lords (Peers) will be able to speak and vote.

Please write to a peer before 18 July to tell them your views - especially if you have direct experience of caring for a dying person, either as a family member or as a health or social care professional.

Who to write to?

It is important all peers should be made aware of concerns. The campaign group Care Not Killing Alliance has a special section on its website where you can request the names of three peers at a time to write to.

Please visit:

Alternatively you can choose a Peer from the published lists of peers and their email addresses which can be found online at:

Tips for writing

  • Letters or emails should be polite and brief - Peers receive large mailbags (electronic as well as postal) and a long letter may well not be read.
  • Be clear that you are asking them to attend the debate on 18 July and, if there is a vote, to vote against the Bill
  • Explain how your opposition to the Bill is informed by your own personal or professional experience
  • If you are unsure how to address a Peer you can check: As a rule of thumb, it is acceptable to address a male Peer as 'Dear Lord X' and a female Peer as 'Dear Lady Y'

The postal address is:

House of Lords

Contacting a peer will only take a few minutes of your time but it really can make a difference.

Please help us to make that difference on this vital issue.


Assisted Dying Briefing

assist-dying-briefing.pdf 94.97 kB

Two-page briefing on the Assisted Dying Bill.