Australian bishop backs ambitious UK climate change project


1 October 2007

Bishop Chris Toohey, a world leader in Catholic awareness and action on the environment, is in the UK to support a year-long Catholic initiative to tackle climate change.

Sound of Many Waters is being launched by the Clifton Diocese on Saturday, 29 September (6pm, Clifton Cathedral, Bristol).

It aims to explore the need to care for our environment drawing upon Catholic teachings, insights and networks.

Bishop Toohey has toured the UK meeting many high profile leaders and led a meeting in the House of Commons.

This week he stopped by to give the Catholic Communications Network a twenty-minute interview on a wide range of environmental issues.

Bishop Toohey on faith and the environment
“We have to be prayerful people first – otherwise this whole deal becomes sheer activism. From a faith perspective, we’ve got to marry up our prayer and our action – the two go together”.

Bishop Toohey on personal responsibility
“When [people] hear the science and a respectful treatment of their own dignity, the response is ‘I need to be careful about how I use energy myself, at my home and in my life’”.
“If everyone in the world lived like Australians, we’d need ten planets! How can we say to people in developing countries who have a legitimate right to a good standard of living and all the other things we say we want, how are we going to do that while preserving the planet – this is our biggest challenge.”

Bishop Toohey on safeguarding water sources
“There’s life where there’s water – water is crucial. How we use water in many respects will determine how peaceful a world we have.”

Bishop Toohey on electricity
“Everybody knows that generation of electricity is important for development. Not only in your country and mine, but in the developing countries too – they need electricity. How we go about making this stuff is the big ticket item.”

Bishop Toohey on Sound of Many Waters
“It’s an audacious plan… I don’t know anyone else who’s done this…The fact that it’s going over a year gives it momentum. It gives people a chance to make a positive stance to the natural world part of their own life… It could well be a bit of a beacon on the international scene.”
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